A Word from Pastor Ken

On occasion I like to share things I have on my mind and heart.  Some are important and some are silly and some are thought-provoking.  All of them are random thoughts.

  1.  Attendance in Worship and Sunday School indicates the level of “spirit” we have in us as a family.  There is nothing more important than reverence for the Sabbath.  It is, after all, a commandment from God.  Relationship to Jesus Christ defines our local church.
  2. How many times in any given week do we think about Jesus or call his name?
  3. How many days do we read the Bible.  The Bible shapes faith first and then tradition, reason, and human experience.  This is the Wesleyan Quadrilateral.
  4. Snack Sacks is a vital ministry and it inspires us to do exactly what Jesus told us to do and that is to care for the needs of the hungry.  This is a ministry where everyone needs to get on board.
  5. Some folks have questions about how pastors do things, say things and preach things.  This is a good thing especially if people include asking, “Are the Pastors living as close to Jesus as possible and modeling the love of God defined by God and not people.
  6. In my lifetime I must confess that the church has never been completely as I want it to be.  Yet, it is God’s church and not mine.  I am a resident of it and I am in sales and not administration.  My being mad at the church really or aggravated with it doesn’t bother the Lord.  It pretty much only bothers me.  It’s that free will thing again.
  7. We are about 5 years behind in our attendance and giving.  Our congregation should be averaging at least 500 in worship each Sunday.  Sunday School numbers should grow as we make Sunday School classes a pastoral system of caring and learning.  Our budget should be stronger.  Ending our current debt will free a great deal of financial resources so we can create new ministries.  Much of this can be helped by greater involvement of our membership.  When the people come and give money is not something about which we should worry and the fellowship grows exponentially.
  8. Teaching children about giving is a lost art that need to be rekindled.  Betsy Marshall taught the children in this church about giving and praying.  That is part of her legacy in faith to God as she loved the children.
  9. Small neighborhood groups is a great thing to explore and implement.  Gathering to share and study strengthens our family.
  10. Our focus on Sundays is spiritual food, so please do not give Hospitality Team members a hard time about providing fewer refreshments on Sunday.  The key is fellowship even though in the Methodist Church that usually meets that we “meet to eat.”

Keep the faith.  Jesus is inviting us all the time to meet him in each new day that he has given.  And on Sunday, it is his day to guide us and grow us.  Think on these things…

                                                                                                  Ken Timmerman